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Meet Wendy and Becky Owners of Purrfect Harmony Pet Sitting!

Becky Pugh, Owner


Becky started Purrfect Harmony Pet Sitting to follow her passion. "I have always loved animals and would bring them home all the time when I was a child." I have lived in the Orlando/St. Cloud area for the past 17 years. "The pets I watch become part of my family as much as I become a part of theirs, it is wonderful". I always enjoy going back for the next sitting appointment only to be greeted by an old friend with a bark or a friendly nudge."

Wendy Huffman, Owner


Wendy has been raising miniature pinschers for the last 5 years. She loves her "babies" and enjoys playing with them in her spare time. Wendy shares the same passion for animals as her sister Becky. Wendy has taken the pet first aid course offered by Pet Sitters International and has attended a seminar on pet behaviour to enhance her service to her clients.

"Quality Care for your pets in the Comfort of Your Home"