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Our Services include:

1. Providing fresh food and water.
2. Walking and playing with your pet.
3. Cleaning up after your pet (litter box, yard waste).
4. Watering your plants.
5. Turning lights on and off and opening and shutting blinds.
6. Picking up mail and newspapers daily.
7. Administering medications as necessary.
8. Brushing pets
9. Providing love and attention for your pet.


$17.00 per visit for first pet.
$2.00 per visit additional for additional pets.
Birds, reptiles and small mammals in the same cage count as one additional pet.
Fish are free as an additional pet.

We pet sit for dogs, cats, birds, horses, fish, reptiles (no snakes), farm animals.

There may be an additional fee for stall cleaning. Call for information.


We require at least a 3-day notice before starting any pet sitting job.

We need time to schedule a "Meet and Greet" with you and your pets so that we can all become better acquainted with each other before you leave town.

"Quality Care for your pets in the Comfort of Your Home"